Adventure Consultant and Bespoke Power Exchange Architect

Experience creation. I am an architect of the senses, building bespoke experiences. Whether it’s a complex dive into power exchange and a meditation on pain, a tranquil counseling session where we shine light on hidden topics, a game or story built just for you and/or your event, or evenings plotting how to create new and beautiful things with you, I am the artist for it.

Unapologetically complex, I’m a cocktail of gender and stories. I stand 5 foot 10 (177cm). I’ve lived and loved internationally and am an accomplished adventurer. My work has always been based on honesty and communication and I’m happy to report that I am deep into my exploration of injectable testosterone and masculinity. (Yes it does make me horny all the time.) I’m excited to share my newfound insights along with my experience with counseling on the topics of relationships, gender, and sex.


I am currently based in Seattle and I tour more rarely than I used to. If you would like to stay updated on my touring plans please tell me.

If I am not visiting your city soon you can always fly me to you. Travel costs will be provided by you, along with a 50% deposit for our time together.

Rates and Accessibility

I joyfully work with people of all sizes, races, genders, nationalities, and abilities. As such my rates are adjusted according to city, country, and intersectionality.

Contact me more more details.

All fly me to you appointments require a deposit.

All appointments 3 hours or over require a deposit.

Cancellations under 24 hours before our appointment will incur either a cancellation fee of 20% or your deposit. No showing will require full payment.

Privacy Policy

I respect the privacy of my clients and expect you to do the same. I keep a small amount of personal information for screening and personal use which I do not share except when giving references to another provider. I will not say hello in public outside of our appointments unless you specify it's welcome, and I will not share information about our work together unless you give consent.